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How it works

How the TAPAPP works

Talented people that are less able to work in a conventional way are able to showcase their skills on the TAPAPP to organisations and hiring managers who are able to evaluate them on nothing other than their capability. All of the freelancers are affiliated to a specific charity or community organisation that supports their specific disability or impairment and we are proud to share our profits with each of those organisations.

As companies continue to seek out the very best people that are not only capable but compatible with the culture and team, they need to explore the market beyond the traditional talent pools and sourcing strategies. The TAPAPP allows hirers to review the profiles of appropriately skilled people that have previously been unavailable or invisible to them and engage with them directly.

The TAPAPP provides a straightforward way for opportunities and talented professionals to find each other in a cost effective and transparent way.

We manage all invoicing and payments through a simple , secure debit/credit card platform or PayPal and 50% of all margins are distributed back to the charity or community organisation that the freelancer is associated with to support the outstanding work they do across the wider community.